Fire Protection Services for Your Chicago Area Building

Spillane is your 1st line…With a rich family history of fire protection, our goal is simple: Protect Lives & Protect Property. Our services include fire sprinkler inspections, back flow testing, fire pump flow testing, fire sprinkler maintenance and repair.

Our Services

Spillane Fire Protection provides you with the peace of mind that your life and property are protected against fire by offering a complete line of fire safety services.


& Testing

Some fire sprinkler  systems require regular maintenance, while others need repairs in order to function properly. We will locate your small issues before they become large problems!


We all love clean water! Ensure that the water reaching the people in your building remains free from harmful contaminants with regular back flow testing and maintenance.


What could be worse than not having enough water to fight a fire? Regular fire pump & hydrant testing will help ensure the water supply is available to protect the people and the property you’re responsible for.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

A fully functioning fire sprinkler system is the single most effective method for fighting a fire in the early stages. Each year, hundreds of lives and millions of dollars are saved as a direct result of a properly functioning sprinkler system.