Check Your Smoke Detectors!

It’s daylight saving time, already! Working smoke alarms play a large part in early detection and save lives. Spillane Fire wants to remind you to be safe and to change your smoke alarm batteries when you change your clocks. Share this graphic to remind your friends, too.

How Fire Sprinklers Work

Have you ever wondered how fire sprinklers work? Here’s a brief overview from Spillane Fire Protection!

Fire Data

Check out and share this Fire Sprinkler Data!

The Value of Fire Sprinklers

The actual value of sprinklers in your home could be more than you think. Check out this info graphic for more!

How We Got Started

On December 1, 1958, 92 children and 3 nuns perished in the Our Ladies of Angels School Fire. My grandpa was one of the Chicago Fire Fighters that responded that day. Here is my story of why I became a fire fighter and why I started my fire protection company….

Fire Sprinkler Antifreeze loop systems

What is an Antifreeze loop (AFL)? Antifreeze loops protect areas in a building or outside a building that are prone to freezing.  A check valve isolates the anti-freeze loop from the rest of the fire sprinkler system.  There is also a main drain and a fill cup to assist in the draining and refilling of […]

Chicago Backflow Testing

Imagine this: You turn on the faucet to get yourself a cold glass of drinking water. You fill the glass, put it to your lips and drink deeply, quenching your thirst.All of us make one big assumption each day regarding the quality of water coming out of our faucets. We assume that it’s clean! At […]

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection in Chicago

[testimonial name=”Patrick Spillane” company=”Spillane Fire Protection” size=”big” type=”bubble”]20% of the fire sprinkler systems we inspect would not have functioned properly when needed. [/testimonial] In 2012, approximately 20% of the building sprinkler systems Spillane Fire Protection inspected had a major deficiency. That means that 2 out of 10 Fire Sprinkler systems would not have functioned properly […]

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