Chicago Backflow Testing

Imagine this:

You turn on the faucet to get yourself a cold glass of drinking water. You fill the glass, put it to your lips and drink deeply, quenching your thirst.All of us make one big assumption each day regarding the quality of water coming out of our faucets.

We assume that it’s clean!

At Spillane we believe the water we drink, bathe with and give to our pets should be clean.

Enter Backflow Preventer Testing.

What is backflow?

A plumbing system is meant to do 2 things:

  •  Bring clean, or potable water to your building for things like drinking and bathing.
  •  To take away the water that is contaminated.

Obviously, we all want water coming to us that does not come in contact with the same piping that the waste water runs through. Backflow occurs when there are changes in pressure in our systems and the flow of water is reversed, thus increasing the chances for our clean water being contaminated with nasty stuff.

Regular backflow testing and maintenance can help prevent your water supply from being polluted with not only harmful toxins, but also rust and debris from normal wear and tear.

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Inspection Success Story

Recently, in the city of Chicago, we found 40 gallons of rock and stone found inside a system. This was caused by a city water piping project 3 blocks away. At some point, while the city workers were repairing the water main, some rock and gravel fell into the piping. This piping then fed the water into our clients building 3 blocks away.

Once our team discovered the issue it took 120 man hours to repair and flush the water mains and get clean water flowing again. The city ended up reimbursing 70% of the repair costs to our client.


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